Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My life, nowadays, mostly has been spent in this particular corner. I don't really like to study by myself in library. Have done group works in library of course, usually in John Rylands lib. Oh and the other day I found Coke official company report in Eddie Davies lib!! I'll make a post about the libraries here sometime. Anyway. I do most of my work in this corner. I need space, need music, moving around, while writing or reading. Particularly when feeling productive, I'd dance. True story. The downside of this method, of course, are the distractions. Facebook, streaming, mangareader.net, online shops... But so far I've always completed tasks, never missed deadlines, and I do my readings. But may be just for the sake of the experience, I should try sit down for hours in library... May be just to be around with people.... Now that's creepy, tone it down, no need to expose yourself furthermore particularly that side. Moving on.

I'd like to share my precious precious corner with you people. I appreciate your visit(s) to this blog and actually read my writing. And yes Bogie, even after what you did, I still appreciate your visits here.

laladanilela's sanctuary.

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