Sunday, November 27, 2011

Aca Aca Hota Hai

Yesterday my financial appraisal group had hot-pot lunch at Kevin's place. I'm not gonna write the hot-pot story in this post though, because if I do the title would not make sense. What I want to write now is India Dance!! Syalalalaaaa. *and bcos I'm writing IKE essay now and I'm stuck so in order to maintain the writing mood I decided to make a blog post* *uh-huh*

There's this movie titled "KABHI KUSHI KABHI GHUM". Starring Sharukh Khan and Kajol, and other big names as well. But those two are the ones I love most in the movie. They played characters named Rahul and Anjeli (which are also their characters' names in Kuch Kuch Hota Hae. Don't ask me why, how would I know?) Anyway. Rahul set eyes on Anjeli for the first was in her neighborhood. She was dancing. In the middle of some other men dancing, they were celebrating something. She wore red sari, the men wore white clothes. And it was magical. The way she danced, her expression, her moves, the way Rahul saw her and suddenly everything was in slow motion, Rahul almost fell of the stairs bcos of her charm.... MAGICAL!!!
Here's a video of the scene,

That was the moment that made me fell in love with India dances.
Because it is so full of joy and excitement and there's a strong folklore atmosphere in the dance.

Pictures are screenshot from:

Definitely one of my most favorite fall-in-love scene.

Now. What the heck hot-pot lunch has to do with aca-aca hota hae??? BECAUSE!!! My groupmate, Dhruv from Siliguri, taught me some punjabi moves!! Wohoooooo!!! Yeah. He was telling us about his passion towards dancing, street dance to be exact. He showed us his video with his group and he's awesome. Anyway, one conversation led to another, he ended up showing me some of the punjabi dance which is from the punjabi area. Of course when he told me that I reply that the Punjabi family in Indo are one the leaders in entertainment industry. Which he replied with information that the richest man in Manchester is an Indian. Moving on. I don't have any pictures for evidence, but my friend David had it recorded. But no, I'm not going to post it here. Because 1) I haven't seen it yet; 2) I'm sure I wouldn't look very flattering.

But still. I was soooo very happy to finally learned some bolly moves!
Aca aca!

Ending this post with this message:
Never underestimate bollywood magic, watch Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum.

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