Wednesday, November 23, 2011

just because the pictures aren't there doens't mean i don't care

(pun unintended)

This has become somewhat a routine. Sleep at eleven-ish, wake up at 00:30, then would be able to back to sleep at two. Still got 23 minutes, so I'm gonna write something about my friends here.

My dear dear friends, P.Cantik.
For diplomatic reasons, not gonna write the full name here :p

Just now realized that I haven't upload that many that many pictures with them on facebook. Well, I know there are many photos in my old laptop. But for some reason didn't upload them. May be because we met so regularly in class? I don't upload a lot of my family pictures as well. Neither photos with my cousins and I hang out with them all the time. Anyway.

Right now I'm in the mood for reminiscing...
P.Cantik normally consists of seven gals and a dude. Vina, Dhesa, Iphe, Needha, Mumu, Yuni, Oma, and myself. Well, we hang out with others all the time but these are the people that consistently did the "P" word. Moving on. One of the most memorable routine we did was Friday lunch, during 4/5/6th term. We had class on 8am, finished at 10 or 10:30. Then we all would packed up to my mini jazz, went for lunch (solaria, nyoba, mcd, bakso pa'de, etc) then rushed to mosque because Mumu had to attend Friday shalat. And we had to be quick for we had class again at 1. And I have never been a fast driver. For some reason, we always went for lunch in places far away from uni. May be I forced them to, because I wanted to eat nyoba, but they're so nice they'd always come w/ me. Hehehehe.

There are lots of memories we had. Carried a flag pole around campus (long story), Mumu always wanted to have better marks and would sulk if someone surpass him, sang at Tatuga, all the codes that I couldn't keep track, ate sop sodara at Kansas (kantin sastra), Mumu's non stop smiling face, Dhesa's roaring laughter (and sudden polite phone-answering-tone), Vina's tears (first and second term :p), and so on and so forth...

I spent a lot of time during undergrad with the uni choir, hence lots and lots of pics with them on facebook. But that doesn't mean I love P.Cantik any less. P.Cantik kept me alive in faculty, gave encouragements during difficult times, helped catch up with courseworks (and gossips). And they are all hard workers, which inspired me to try working as hard as they did. During my corporate days (tsah), the six of them graduated earlier. I finished last. But they kept supporting and helped me got through the dissertation and bloody academic bureaucracy.

I truly cherished the moment we shared in those four years. There are times when I feel I'm not as close to them as they are to each other. But that doesn't matter. I knew, and I still do, that I care about them abundantly. And I'd like to believe they do too.

Those times in undergrad.
P.Cantik! Hidup bencong!!

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